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Use Your Voice: Public Comments to the SEC

The Securities and Exchange Commission opens
all proposals and amendments to public comment.

The Securities and Exchange Commission describe their Mission as "To protect investors, maintain fair, orderly, and efficient markets, and facilitate capital formation." Each new rule and/or update to an existing rule undergoes a period of public scrutiny where all market participants - from individual investors, institutions, and think tanks to native entities such as market makers and banks post public input. 

Don't let the financial industry speak for you.


Per SEC rules, all comments are made available to the public, unedited. 

You and anyone you know can use this tool to help assess which SEC measures are open for comment, review the rule proposals on the SEC's website, and get started developing and submitting your comments. If you prefer to submit on your own, use these links to get started.

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Why are SEC Comments so important?

Over the decades, these comments have often numbered in the dozens, with representation canted towards industry regulars and insiders. This has resulted in SEC decisions regarding rules and rule changes favoring those industry regulars rather than American households and Main Street investors. Nevertheless, encouragingly, within the last few years we've seen a groundswell of interest among individual investors, thereby helping both inform the public at-large to potential helpful/harmful market changes while also returning greater equality and fairness to the markets. This is where the individual investor can step up - and is the reason for this page.


The SEC must read and review all of the comments they receive, and comments become a citable part of the public record. Comments shape the regulation and the market. Comments truly make a big difference.

Individual investors all have the right to share their perspective. WhyDRS would like to help you and everyone else exercise that right.

In addition to maintaining this page, world wide volunteers who contribute to WhyDRS have assembled a public database of information on US companies and their chosen transfer agents, as well as the global brokers that trade those companies in an effort to make this underserved topic more accessible.

If you would like to contribute or take a look at the database click below:

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