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WhyDRS Advocacy

WhyDRS is an advocate for direct registration, and you can be too! was founded to spread information about the Direct Registration System to the masses.


The success of - maybe how you came to read this now - is owed to countless unknown individuals who took propagating this message into their own hands. None of this is possible without people spreading information.

The continuing goal is to educate and inform as many people as possible about utilizing the advantages and safeties that can come with taking full legal title ownership of your assets by directly registering them with a transfer agent.

Simultaneously, there's a potential to bring to light and expose industry misuse and abuse in the form of lobbied-for loopholes, fraud, and corruption - thereby creating an environment where positive change in the regulation of the financial system and Wall Street is made not only possible, but probable.

If you would like to help raise awareness of and educate others about the DRS, there are some excellent resources available here which you are free to use however you would like. Additionally, has a non-profit shop (0% profit-margin!) where you can purchase pre-templated merchandise located here.

Moments of WhyDRS Advocacy

Q+A with Gary Gensler, SEC Chair & Paul Conn, President of Computershare 

The WhyDRS team put together an information packet about direct registration that was sent directly to the SEC Chair's office. A week later, three members of the WhyDRS team joined the We The Investors Q+A to ask SEC Chair Gary Gensler about direct registration.

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