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Record Holder Leaderboards

The top 10 securities in number of record holders.

Most companies release their record holder numbers quarterly. This is a tally of all unique accounts holding their stock.

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Publicly traded companies release information about their record holders in their 10-K filings. The 10-K is an annual report detailing financial aspects of the company which is filed with the SEC.

The number of record holders is equal to the unique number of accounts held with the issuer's chosen Transfer Agent. For decades, most publicly traded stock has been and continues to be owned by Cede and Company, kept in what is called "street name". This generally represents the largest position in a public company of all record holders. Cede and Co. counts as one record holder.

If you'd like to see a company you invest with report more detailed ownership information, such as direct registered share ownership, let them know! 

Meet the Record Holder Leaders

Here are the top 3 companies with the most diverse record holders in America.

brighthouse financial.png
Ticker - BHF

Issuer - BrightHouse Financial, Inc

Outstanding Shares - 67,696,800

Record Holders - 1,300,000

Ticker - PRU

Issuer - Prudential Financial, Inc

Outstanding Shares - 366,000,000

Record Holders - 1,096,339

at and t logo.png
Ticker - T

Issuer - AT&T Inc

Outstanding Shares - 7,129,870,323

Record Holders - 781,511

Links to Recent Filings

Verizon Communications Inc.

International Business Machines Corporation

Exxon Mobil Corporation

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Principal Financial Group Inc

Walmart Inc.

Where does this information come from?

The world wide volunteers who contribute to WhyDRS have assembled a database of information on US companies and their chosen transfer agents, as well as the global brokers that trade those companies in an effort to make this underserved topic more accessible.

If you would like to contribute or take a look at the database click on the link below:

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