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Buying directly registered shares online from across the globe through GiveAshare

What is GiveAshare? is a business that allows anyone to purchase direct registered, single shares of stock for themselves or as a gift for someone else.  As part of that service, they also provide paper stock certificates to almost anywhere on Earth. The recipient will receive information in the mail, a stock certificate or replica certificate, and will end up with a DRS account at the transfer agent of the company.

Most U.S. transfer agents will only allow for direct account creation for American citizens, and only through:

1. Transferring of shares from a broker.

2. Direct stock purchase or plan purchase through the transfer agent.

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GiveAshare provides a method for the world's international investors to get involved with their companies and enjoy the benefits and safeties of holding stock in their own name.


The service which GiveAshare provides aligns closely with the goals of – they are interested to give direct registration choice to investors everywhere. Not only does GiveAshare maintain a long list of currently supported stocks, they may be able to povide the direct registration for other selected NYSE or NASDAQ stocks.

GiveAshare is a small company, but provides a valuable service to those that want self custody of their investments. Don't just take our word for it - check out the 1,000+ reviews on their site

How does GiveAshare accomplish this?

GiveAshare maintains working relationships with many transfer agents and companies, and carries an inventory of stocks on it's stock list.

Within 1-2 business days of your order, GiveAshare will post from their Arizona office the framed stock certificate (or replica certificate if the company no longer issues stock certificates and has gone digital only). If you want to buy a share for someone else and want a more immediate notification you can instantly create a personlized gift announcement that can be emailed or mailed to the recipient.


More information is available on GiveAshare's FAQ page. You can also ask them something directly through these methods of contact:

Online contact form:


Phone: +1 480 621 6657

Address: Leading Edge Gifts, LLC

2537 E. Via Del Arboles

Gilbert, AZ 85298, USA

The DRS account with the Transfer Agent

To be conservative, GiveAshare states that it takes them 2-7 weeks to register the stock and create the DRS account at the transfer agent. At that point, the transfer agent will send a DRS statement to the new shareholder which proves ownership and shows the account number.

Your DRS account number is normally needed to initiate the process to get online access to your account at the transfer agent. For security reasons, most transfer agents will then mail you a pin that is needed to complete the online access process.


Depending where you are in the world it can take the DRS statement and the pin some time to get to the shareholder because the transfer agent uses the U.S. postal service and your local postal service, which can be slow. Various ways to speed up this process can be found here.


After this process has been completed, most companies support further cash investments through a purchase plan, dividend reinvestment or direct deposit, and in some cases selling.

Bonus for visitors and users

GiveAshare has generously given the below benefit to make direct registration more accessible for investors. 

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Disclaimer: WhyDRS does not receive any kind of profit from this.

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