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What Is WhyDRS?

WhyDRS consists of volunteer retail investors who discovered the benefits of the Direct Registration System (DRS) through a shared passion of self custody.


Committed to raising awareness about the power of registering shares in your own name, the WhyDRS volunteers have been helping thousands of investors at every level. Whether it's using the free educational resources gathered on this site, or speaking with the WhyDRS support team, this library of information has been rigorously curated to help anyone directly register their shares.


Why The Anonymity?

Systemic transparency and individual privacy is highly valued by the team, and it is believed the DRS message is of more importance than the distraction of any individual personality. The resources and information provided on come from publicly verifiable data, which stands up to scrutiny on its own.


The risks involved with exposing the identities of personal contributors is not one the team is prepared to take at this time. However, if you wish to communicate with the team members through their online handles, they can be found on our official subreddit - r/WhyDRS.


The focus is not to feed any egos, but to help educate and support any investor about the Direct Registration System. The WhyDRS team will continue to work towards this goal by providing free and accessible education. As well as maintaining the most comprehensive list of instructions for directly registering shares available at this time.

The Mission

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Integrity & Fairness

Every investor deserves access to the facts about their investment options. Having brokers as the only source of education leads to gate-keeping of knowledge, which doesn't benefit the individual investor. WhyDRS wants to change that by bringing transparency about the DRS to the public.


Accessible education is a powerful tool, and can be the defining difference for any community to thrive and grow. WhyDRS aims to empower individuals to make well-informed decisions to take control of their financial future.


WhyDRS exists because passionate retail investors continue to scrutinize the legitimacy of global markets. The goal is to inspire that curiosity in others by demystifying this rarely disclosed method of holding long stock positions, and spark a global conversation about the benefits of the DRS.

No other form of holding investments guarantees the same shareholder rights and protection that the Direct Registration System provides.

Please reach out with any questions you have, or any ideas for the site.

Light will continue to be shined on the darker parts of the stock market.

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