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Resources to help with further learning
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Independent journalism

Independent Journalism

Kosimar Scoop

Lucy Kosimar is an award winning financial reporter who describes her beat as "the secret underbelly of the global financial system".

Wall Street on Parade

Russ and Pam Marten run this financial focused news site which "hopes to level the playing field between Wall Street and the 99 percent".

Articles and Academic Papers

Meme Corporate Governance


GameStop and the Reemergence of the Retail Investor

The Phantom Shares Menace

The Hanging Chads of Corporate Voting

Kahan, M. & Rock, E. B. (2008) explore the complexities of corporate voting driven by underlying custodial-ownership structure, by dispersed ownership and large trading volumes, and by the rise in short-selling and derivatives.

Naked short sales and fails to deliver: An overview of clearing and settlement procedures for stock trades in the US. Journal of Securities Operations and Custody

Putnins, T. J. (2009) outlines the process of clearing and settlement for stock trades in the US, and pays particular attention to what happens when the seller of a stock fails to deliver that stock at settlement.

Proxy Voting 101: Everything You Wanted to Know About the Proxy but Were Afraid to Ask

Associates from Niri, an association for investor relations professionals, break down the proxy process with a visual flair.

SEC comments
SEC Primary Sources


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