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Trading 212

Trading 212 does not allow transfers of any kind.

To direct register your shares, you are left with a few options:

  • Stop buying with your non-transferring broker and instead buy with a broker that can DRS transfer shares. For example: Interactive Brokers
  • Sell your shares from your non-transferring broker and wait for the cash to settle back into your bank account. Then repurchase your shares using that cash (risky due to volatility).
  • Buy shares in a broker that can direct register. Then sell from your non-transferring broker at a similar price, (requires extra cash, but reduces risk).

This isn't advocating day trading in any way shape or form; stocks can become volatile for a multitude of reasons. While you may make some gains, selling in any shape provides short hedge funds with liquidity. Those shares, and that liquidity is removed permanently if the re-purchased shares are directly registered.

Trading 212

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